Fundraising is exciting, energetic and a lot of fun, but before your event takes place it’s worth making sure everything is safe and legal

Important Information

  • Games of Chance (raffles, lotteries and prize draws)

    Raffles, lotteries, prize draws and anything else where the result is purely down to luck (i.e. a rubber duck race) are all covered by legislation.

    Small raffles that are part of a bigger event don’t need a licence, as long as there’s no cash prizes and you sell tickets at the same event as the prize draw. If you’re planning to sell tickets in advance or to the public, you’ll need a licence.

    Get in touch and we’ll help you get it right.

  • Collections

    If you’re planning a collection on private property, like a pub or shopping centre, you need permission from the owner or manager. If you’re collecting on the street, you need a permit from the local authority. These can take weeks to get hold of, so plan in advance.

    Please don’t collect money door to door; it’s illegal without a licence.

    Please let us know if you’re planning a collection and we can give you all the support and materials you need to make it a roaring success.

    It also helps us know what’s happening and where, just in case we’re fundraising in the same place at the same time.

  • Overseas Challenges

    You need to make it clear that some of the money you raise towards an overseas challenge is paying for you to take part. The exact amount should be on the sponsorship form. The following wording on the form should be:

    ‘[Challenge name and the date of the challenge] ‘Each participant must raise a minimum of £X. At least X% of this money will benefit Blind Veterans UK, with the balance spent on the costs of the participant’s trip. However, 100% of any sum raised over £X will benefit Blind Veterans UK.’

  • Insurance

    From a bucket shake to a comedy night, you may need public liability insurance if you’re holding an event out and about. You’re responsible for making sure your event doesn’t pose a risk to anyone, and you need to make sure you’re covered if something happens. Get in touch and we can help you get the right insurance. 

  • Licences

    If you’re putting on entertainment or selling alcohol, you’ll need a Public Entertainment Licence. If you’re hiring a venue, they might already have one, so check first before applying to your the local authority. They can take weeks to come through, so plan in advance

  • Health and safety

    Any event can have its risks, so make sure yours goes smoothly. Get in touch and we can help with some of the important points:

    • Are you using a venue and does it need a risk assessment?
    • Do you need first aid support?
    • Are you selling food or alcohol and do you need a hygiene certificate?
    • Are you handling any money safely, securely and legally?