Rally the troops and spread the word far and wide!


Create an online fundraising page:

  • You can create your personalised fundraising page using a site like JustGiving. It’s very simple, you just need to create an account, provide some details about yourself and search for Blind Veterans UK when you are creating your page.

  • Share it with your family, friends and colleagues so they can start donating to your challenge straight away.

  • Everyone loves a story, so make your page personal. Include photos and information about Blind Veterans UK's work, why it matters to you and why everyone should support you.

How to make your page a success:

  • Promote it! Tell everyone about it! Post it over social media! Make a splash!

  • Remember to include a target, as pages with targets receive 40% more donations! 

  • Keep your page fresh! People love to know how your training is going and it’s a great way to build a community.

  • Don’t miss an opportunity to ask for sponsorship. Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries can all be great times to get people to support you.

  • Match funding is one of the best ways to bring in even more money - so ask your workplace if they'll match your funds! See if you can promote your event on the intranet or link to your page in your email signature and out of office.

  • You’re changing lives, so don't be shy - let everyone know about it - all the time!

Did you know that an average of twenty percent of donations are received after the event.