Still looking for an event that is right for you? Here are some of our favourite fundraising ideas from A - Z!

Remember, it doesn't matter what you do - just do it for blind veterans!



  • A


    Silent auctions can bring in big money especially if held as part of a black tie event. If you don’t have physical items for people to bid on, you could try an auction of services (ie. Grass cutting, window cleaning, etc.).


    Talk with your local aerobics instructor and see if you can set up an aerobics marathon.

  • B

    Bonus ball

    Get everyone in your office to donate £5 and whoever correctly guesses the National Lottery bonus ball that weekend wins a portion of the takings or a fancy prize. Check out our downloadable sweepstake here.


    Host a summer gathering and grill up a feast for a small donation.

    Bad taste day

    Set a date in your workplace/school/college for everyone to wear their most ghastly outfits. Prizes for the worst dressed!


    A really easy and fun way to fundraise – eyes down for a full house! Click here for a downloadable bingo pack.

    Bag Pack

    Talk to your local supermarket about doing a bag pack in exchange for donations.

  • C

    Car wash

    Offer your services to your neighbours for a donation. You can also talk to local land owners (ie. Your primary school) about using their grounds for an all-day car wash spectacular!

    Cake bake

    Because everybody loves a bit of cake. Capitalise on the afternoon slump in your workplace with some delicious baked goods. Click here for a Brew up pack.

    Collection boxes

    Many shops and businesses in your area will be more than happy to have a collection box on their counter free of charge. You can get one from us here.

  • D


    Organise a 24 Hour danceathon and jive your way into the night.


    Plan an old school disco, bonus points for knee slides and pineapple on sticks!

    Dog walking

    Hit your 10,000 steps a day by offering your services as a dog walker for a donation.

  • E

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Use your garden or go big and talk to your council about using a local park for your hunt.


    Clear out your loft and fill up your coffers by listing unwanted items on an auction site.

  • F

    Fill up a smartie tube

    Distribute our branded smartie tubes to your friends and family and ask them to fill them with loose change.


    Tombola, ice cream, coconut shy, apple bobbing – go nostalgic with your village fete, the more twee the better!


    Organise a five a side tournament or hold a sweepstake on the weekends football results. Download our sweepstake pack here.

  • G

    Give something up

    Sign up to Give up for Veterans or think of your own vice to abstain from for 24 hours in exchange for sponsorship


    If gaming is your thing gather your friends, make yourself comfy and settle in for a gameathon!

    Garden party

    Hold an open garden party and bump up your fundraising by charging a small entry fee, you could even have a plant sale!

  • H

    Head shave

    Grab the clippers and be bold in the name of charity!

    Halloween collection

    If you find yourself inundated with sugar during trick or treat season, carry a collection box as an alternative to sweets.

  • I

    In it to win it

    Use our handy Sweepstake pack for whatever gets your competitive streak going – reality TV, the Grand National, even the National Lottery Bonus Ball.

  • J


    Organise a stand-up night in your local pub and prepare for some awful one-liners!

  • K


    Charge a small entry fee and get local companies to donate prizes for the best and worst acts of the night.

  • L


    Hold a pot-luck lunch at work and get everyone to bring a dish, ask for a small donation or have collection boxes at the ready.

  • M

    Murder Mystery

    Hold a formal gathering with a dark sub-plot! Was in Professor Plum in the Study with the Candlestick?!

    Make something

    Whether your talents lie in Christmas wreaths, baby bonnets or jams and pickles, get crafty and sell your wares wherever you can.

  • N

    Name the bear

    Come up with a list of 100 names, ask people to guess a name for a £1 and the winner receives a portion of the takings. (You could use our sweepstake pack for this too!)


    Hold a tournament with prizes for the winner or aim to keep play going for a set amount of time.

  • O

    Odd jobs

    Offer your skills as a sprucer or window cleaner for a fee in your local area.

    Office collection

    You don’t even have to give anything in return, simply circulate the message as to why you are collecting and ask people to donate their loose change.

  • P

    Penalty Shoot Out

    Talk to your local team about donating some signed goodies and charge a small entry fee to beat the goalie!

    Pub games

    Talk to your local about holding a game day with skittles, darts, dominoes and cards!

  • Q


    Sign up for our Big Quiz and get everything you need to hold a fabulous quiz of your own.

  • R


    Gather as many prizes as you can and sell tickets at £1 a go. Alternatively blag yourself one or two big prizes and charge more per ticket.


    Think outside the box; rubber duck races, one legged races, windup toy races, virtual horse racing…with so many options you could even organise a race day and cover all of them!

  • S

    Swear box

    Install one in a location of your choice and issue a fine of 50p for every clanger dropped!


    Set yourself a target and get people to sponsor you per length.

    Sports Day

    Dig out your egg and spoon and plan a grown-up sports day.

    Sponsored Silence

    Give your nearest and dearest some peace and quiet for 24 hours.

  • T

    Tea Party

    Give your gathering a theme and invite people along for a small donation. Click here for a Brew Up for Veterans Pack.


    Head for your local park in the summer and hold a Twister content, ask for a £1 donation to take part.

    Tug of War

    Ask around for prizes and flex those muscles!


    The key to a good tombola is to make the prizes as bizarre as possible for comedy value! Toilet roll dolly? Check. Pack of shortbread? Check. Porcelain candle holder in the shape of a giraffe? Oh but of course!

  • U

    Unwanted items sale

    Gather up all the things that have been gathering dust and hold a yard sale.

  • V

    Variety Show

    Show off talents you never knew you had!

  • W


    Hold a sponsored walk in your area, even better if you can convince an establishment to lay on refreshments at the finish. Everything you need to plan your own March for Veterans can be found here

  • X


    Hold an X-Factor style show with prizes for the winners. You could even rope in some friends to act as ‘judges’ with a token Simon Cowell meanie!

  • Y


    Talk to your local instructor and see if they will hold a beginners class for donations.

  • Z


    Hold a 24 hour Zumbathon, burn off calories and raise money at the same time!