We all know the transformational power of a good cuppa, but can you turn your tea break into a get-together for good?

Taking part is simple – just sign up and set a date for your own #MeetUpBrewUp and we’ll send you lots of ideas to get you going.

How to make the most of your #MeetUpBrewUp?

Pick and choose from the below list or come up with your own plan!

  1. Ask your friends and family to give a £5 donation to attend.
  2. Pay what it’s worth – Put on a afternoon tea as part of your #MeetUpBrewUp and ask each attendee to pay what they think it was worth. Keep the meet up going - the end of your event, put all the names of the attendees into a hat, pull out a name and nominate that person to hold their own event.
  3. Invite your friends and family for tea and cake and run a mini bake sale.
  4. During your event run some fun activities such as a raffle or guess how many sweets in the bowl.

Our challenge to you...

We’re challenging you to get creative with your snacks – that could be to construct the ultimate buttery biscuit airbase or decorate your digestive with medals, serve it with a brew and watch as the donations start to roll in.

Host your own #MeetUpBrewUp! Ask people to bake a treat to sell, start a biscuit-building challenge, keep the donation tin front and centre and you’ll be bringing people together in support of Blind Veterans UK.