It’s a sad fact that many of the blind veterans we support suffer from social isolation.

It happens as we get older and our families leave us, and partners pass away. For people with sight loss, that isolation is all the more painful to bear.

It’s not just about losing other people though, it’s also about being isolated inside yourself when you are unable to carry out tasks such as going to the shops or even pick up a phone to speak to a friendly voice. For those who can’t see, it often leads to losing your self-belief, and – even worse – your sense of belonging.


Meet Arthur

Meet Arthur...

It’s an all too common fact that many of our veterans face the prospect of isolation as they battle sight loss. That’s something we’re working hard to change, and in Arthur’s case, we’ve made a difference.

Arthur lives by himself in a house near Sheffield that he describes as a ‘beautiful prison’. It’s almost two miles from the nearest shops and community, and there’s no public transport near him. His home is also full of memories of his wife, who he misses very much. His family live nearby, but are often at work, meaning his days are mainly spent on his own.

After Arthur was given a leaflet about Blind Veterans UK in 2015, he got in touch with us and since then his life has changed. We’ve provided equipment to make his day to day life easier, but most important of all we gave him his own support worker, Chris.

There are 50,000 ex-servicemen and women with sight loss we haven’t yet been able to reach.

Chris has introduced Arthur to a local weekly lunch club, and has organised a volunteer to come and visit him in his home. For Arthur, who enjoys company, and nothing better than chat over a cup of tea, this made a real difference, and gave him back a life to look forward to.

“Life has become so much better since Blind Veterans UK became involved,” says Arthur. “You have been an anchor to me, before you came along I rarely had any company.”

Arthur is just one of the veterans we work with – there are still 50,000 we haven’t yet reached and who are isolated within their own communities. By joining our one of our March for Veterans events, you can help us make a difference.

“Life has become so much better since Blind Veterans UK became involved,”
Blind Veteran, Arthur
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