Chris’s life changed in a split second when he was caught in a rocket attack in Afghanistan

The impact fractured his skull, causing severe brain injuries. As a result, Chris could no longer see out of his right eye and lost peripheral vision in his left.

His shocking injuries meant his time as a soldier was over.

"I’d only ever wanted to be a soldier. I missed the banter and camaraderie of military life. But meeting other ex-Service men and women who had also lost their sight helped me turn a corner. I began to believe I could have a good life."
Blind Veteran, Chris

With his eyesight permanently damaged, Chris wasn’t just worried about losing his career – he wondered how he’d be a hands-on father to his children.

This Christmas, will you take a moment to think about ex-Service men and women like Chris who bravely served our country?

They now need your support as they face an entirely new challenge – to rebuild their lives after losing their sight.