Mark couldn't have begun to imagine what he would do when he lost his sight.

Struggling to deal with his dreadful loss, he didn’t know who to turn to. There were many dark days - until he found support through Blind Veterans UK and Mark remembers clearly when he could, finally, see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Small Steps

It started with small steps - and then, these small steps saw Mark adjust to his sight loss and regain his independence.

As Mark discovered, somebody who has lost their sight has to relearn how to perform even seemingly ‘simple’ everyday tasks, like making a cup of tea or getting dressed. Before he first ventured out of our Brighton centre on his own, for instance, Mark underwent months of training until he felt confident using another vital piece of kit – his long white cane.

“You have to do it one step at a time. I started indoors with a short guide cane. When I had the skill to go outside I did it bit by bit, learning one landmark at a time and gradually going further.”

Living independently

Today, Mark lives on his own and, with the help of kit we provided, such as a long cane, is fully independent. With his re-found confidence Mark has completed a number of amazing fundraising challenges for Blind Veterans UK, including climbing Kilimanjaro.

Mark shows just how much, with your support, veterans living with sight loss can achieve.

Together we can make a difference

Leaving a gift to a beloved charity is a deeply personal and special decision. So it is important to us that you feel reassured that your gift will be used efficiently and have the biggest impact on the veterans you are supporting - your gift enables us to offer the free and tailored support our veterans deserve, for life.