This Christmas we want to send as many blind veterans as possible a visually accessible card so they know they are not alone.

2020 has been a tough year for us all, and it's been even more challenging for our blind veterans, with so many being vulnerable. The enforced physical isolation of the ongoing pandemic has added to the inherent isolation that sight loss can bring.

The cards feature the imagery of 'Victory over Blindness', the ethos that guides the charity and our veterans.

£11,250 is needed to send all our veterans a card. Every £2.50 makes a difference.

It costs just £2.50 to send a card and give a phone call at Christmas. However, with 4,500 blind veterans we need to raise £11,250 to be able to send a card to each veteran.

This small act will mean a great deal to our veterans, showing them that even in the most challenging times, they are not alone.