Chris’s life changed in a split second when he was caught in a rocket attack in Afghanistan

The impact fractured his skull, causing severe brain injuries. As a result, Chris could no longer see out of his right eye and lost peripheral vision in his left.

His shocking injuries meant his time as a soldier was over.

“I’d only ever wanted to be a soldier. I missed the banter and camaraderie of military life. But meeting other ex-Service men and women who had also lost their sight helped me turn a corner. I began to believe I could have a good life.”
Blind Veteran, Chris

With his eyesight permanently damaged, Chris wasn’t just worried about losing his career – he wondered how he’d be a hands-on father to newborn son.

This Christmas, will you take a moment to think about ex-Service men and women like Chris who bravely served our country?

They now need your support as they face an entirely new challenge – to rebuild their lives after losing their sight.

Your gift could provide essential equipment that helps blind veterans like Chris to start doing the everyday tasks that they previously may have taken for granted.

Despite proudly supporting blind veterans for 100 years, Blind Veterans UK is currently only able to reach one in ten veterans who would benefit from our services. But by giving a gift today, you could honour our visually-impaired ex-Service men and women and give them the help they need and deserve.

1 in 10
blind veterans are currently supported by Blind Veterans UK.
For every £1 donated, we spend 84p on charitable activities, and 16p on raising the next £1. *2019-2020