Will you help our newest blind veterans get the help they need?

We first meet our blind veterans in their darkest days, when they’ve received a sight loss diagnosis and can’t see any way forward. Many are struggling with everyday tasks that they feel their life is over and don’t want to go on.

When the pandemic broke new blind veterans, like Dennis could not receive the vital rehabilitation that we initially provide through our Introductory Weeks at our Centres.

That is why we are launching a special HomeFront appeal to raise urgently-needed funds to provide virtual Introductory Weeks to new veterans like Dennis. Your donation for this new project is urgently needed.

There is a long list of new blind veterans like Dennis, who have served Queen and country waiting for the specialist support they desperately need – and every donation could contribute towards another veteran being helped.

Photo of blind veteran Dennis
"When the pandemic broke and I realised I couldn’t go on my Introductory Week, it felt like a blow. I thought I’d just have to keep struggling on as best I could. But then I received a call from Blind Veterans UK to ask me if I’d like to do the Introductory Week online."
Dennis, blind veteran

They never imagined they could get the help they needed virtually.

The aim of the week is to introduce all the new veterans to the charity, so blind veterans can find out all the ways in which we can help. Your donation today will able to provide this vital service! It is also their chance to tell us about their individual needs, so we can provide tailor made support for every single veteran. If they want to run marathons and sky dive (as many of the young blind veterans do), we’ll help them do it. If they want to feel confident going to the local newsagent every day to buy the paper (which at 83 is more the kind of thing Dennis was after), we’ll help them do that too.

Losing your sight is hard but having the things you love taken away from you is harder. Your donation today is all about giving those things back to blind veterans.

"The Introductory Week has given me such a boost, at the end of the week I came away ready to embrace life with sight loss"
Dennis, blind veteran