Arthur was a troop carrying vehicle driver and storeman in the Royal Air Force before being medically discharged in 1954 – having served our country in Malta, Egypt and the Suez Canal. Upon entering civilian life, he went on to raise three daughters with his wife Iris, and enjoyed meeting new people through his job as a driving instructor.

As Arthur got older, his sight began to deteriorate due to macular degeneration. He eventually lost his job, and he and Iris didn’t get out as much as they used to.

In 2012, Arthur lost Iris to cancer. After 57 years of marriage, Arthur suddenly found himself alone.

I’m sure you can understand what a huge loss this was for Arthur. His family home is quite remote, with the nearest bus stop two miles away, so after Iris passed away he often felt stuck inside on his own. In fact, Arthur refers to his house as a ‘beautiful prison’.

This is when we got involved!

By giving Arthur support and equipment, now instead of sitting with nothing to occupy his time, his magnifier means he can look back over photos of his family. 

In addition to equipment, we host social events such as lunch clubs and walking groups that our veterans can join. That way we help them away from isolation. Towards a life of fulfillment. 

‘life is so much better since Blind Veterans UK became involved.’
Arthur, Blind Veteran
"One of my most rewarding moments as a Community Support Worker was getting Arthur a piece of equipment that allowed him to see his wedding photo again."
Chris Booth, Community Support Worker
Photo of Arthur and his wife on their wedding day
Photo of Arthur and his wife Iris on their wedding day
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