Ex-Fusilier Shaun Stocker was injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan and was completely blinded in one eye and had only a tiny fraction of vision remaining in the other.

For a veteran with sight loss, magnification equipment is truly life-changing because it does something very important- it allows them to read again.

Can you imagine going a single day without reading?

Not only would you not be able to look at your mail or emails, you couldn’t read a newspaper, enjoy a good book, or even check the TV schedule.

The frustration and loss of independence would feel overwhelming, yet life without reading is just one of the daunting prospects that blind veterans like Shaun face bravely every day.

Magnification equipment can be life changing
“Losing my sight meant things took ten times longer to do. I couldn’t drive or use technology and felt like I had to depend on others for everything. I was 19 and the world should have been opening up to me. Losing my sight, it felt like everything had closed down.”
With a magnifier that costs just £20, ex-Service men or women battling sight loss could read again. They could keep in touch with friends and family by email, swap Christmas and birthday cards with the people they love, and take a massive step on the path to independence.

As Arthur grew older and his sight began to deteriorate due to macular degeneration, he had to give up his job as a driving instructor.

Then, in 2012, Arthur lost his wife Iris to cancer. After 57 years of marriage, he felt desperately alone.

Blind Veterans UK provided Arthur with a piece of equipment called a Screen Reader. It’s basically a little camera that attaches to a screen and makes text or photos many times larger.

With the magnifier Arthur can, for the first time in years, look at old photos of Iris and revisit fond memories of their life together.

Arthur using his magnifier

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Despite proudly supporting blind veterans for 100 years, Blind Veterans UK is currently only able to reach one in ten veterans who would benefit from our services. But by giving a gift today, you could honour our visually-impaired ex-Service men and women and give them the help they need and deserve.

1 in 10
blind veterans are currently supported by Blind Veterans UK.