Gifts in Wills equate to around 50% of our voluntary income each year. Each day we aim to reach more blind veterans and your gift, large or small, is vital to helping us do that.

There are 50,000 blind veterans across the UK that still need support

We are eternally grateful for all gifts in Wills that contribute to the free and tailored support our veterans deserve, for life. While working with our friends at Bequeathed and Free Wills Network, we offer a free Will to our supporters. The Will is free as long as it is simple - and there is no requirement to leave a gift to us in your Will. If you want to remember us in your Will it would mean so much and help us continue supporting blind veterans all over the country. Learn about the experiences of Simon, Ron and Mary.

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Meet Simon

Simon was one of our first members to sign up and his experience is a testament to how easy it is to do. After making contact, the Free Wills Network got him in touch with a local solicitor who walked him through the process step by step.

He says "The whole process was very painless. The solicitor talked me through it, explained any problems and I felt at ease. I wasn’t forced into making any decisions I wasn’t sure about making, and everything was explained in full so I understood what the nuances of it meant."

“I’ve known people where, without a Will, it’s difficult to sort things out, and I wanted to make sure my assets go where I want them to go.”

Simon was so delighted with the level of ease it took to write a Will and emphasised the importance of it. He says "I think making a Will is an incredibly important thing, at all ages...

"Dealing with bereavement is difficult enough without legal proceedings pinned on top. But if you’ve got a Will in place, you have that peace of mind that should anything go wrong, your loved ones are looked after.

"If you’re even contemplating making a Will, then it’s definitely time to make one. All it means is that you’ve got important people in your life that you want to make sure are taken care of."

In memory of Ron and Mary

Ron began serving our country as a Navigation Officer when he was a teen and since supported the war effort. He met Mary while on leave years later, their romance blossomed and they got married. He was then awarded the Legion of Honour for his part in the country's liberation.

In the early 1990s Ron started to lose his sight due to macular degeneration. Fortunately Mary heard about Blind Veterans UK so he was able to get the support he needed. The two of them enjoyed their visits to Brighton, went to Jersey as part of the liberation celebrations and even attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

Years later we received a letter from their son Jeff and was saddened to hear the news. Ron sadly passed away in 2016. 'With her life's mission of being with and looking after Dad complete, Mum joined him in the next life some months later' said Jeff.

"Following our telephone conversation earlier, it's a pleasure to inform you that my dad Ron and mum Mary left Blind Veterans UK a gift of ten percent of their estate and forward you a cheque of the equivalent amount."

Jeff's letter continued...

"We have always been hugely grateful for the help given to them by Blind Veterans UK, and I am sure that you will put their gift to good use. I'd like to thank you on behalf of our family for all the care which my parents received from Blind Veterans UK and the work you do for the ex-Servicemen and women who deserve nothing but the best for the sacrifices they have made defending our country. It's a sad fact of life that those who defended our country so well in the past are no longer with us. But they will never be forgotten."
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We work in partnership with Bequeathed as well as the Free Wills Network to offer a free Will to our supporters. The Will is free as long as it is simple - and there is no requirement to leave a gift to us in your Will. If you did choose to remember us in your Will it would mean so much and enable us to continue supporting more blind veterans in the future.