Polished boots. Crisp collar. Neatly combed hair. When you look at Jim, the traits of a man who proudly served queen and country are all still there.

Here at Blind Veterans UK, we believe a life of service deserves a lifetime of support. In the wake of COVID-19, our blind veterans have never needed you more. In these unprecedented times, will you help us serve blind veterans like Jim?


To help us combat isolation for blind veterans like Jim throughout this continuing crisis, will you make a donation which could help us revolutionise our services and bring them directly into veterans’ homes via sight loss technology?

Your donation could go towards providing a veteran with a specially adapted phone or laptop and all the training to use it. This will connect veterans to their support workers, volunteers, families and the whole blind veterans’ community, more than ever before.


Let’s honour Jim’s sacrifice with lifelong support.
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Like many of his generation, Jim doesn’t like to make a fuss about his war record, he says he was just doing his duty. But, during World War II, Jim was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Jim became a founder member of the Army Air Corps’ Glider Pilot Regiment in 1942. As a glider pilot, Jim was integral to key European campaigns, including Operation Market Garden – the plan to capture the bridges over the Rhine into Holland. It was a perilous airborne assault into enemy territory and Jim was taken as a Prisoner of War.

Only Jim knows the true extent of the horrors he faced. But what we do know is that it was sheer resolve that kept him walking at gunpoint for four weeks, without food and in sub-zero temperatures, in the cruel Long March across Germany. When he was released, he was painfully thin and a shadow of the brave young man who’d headed off to war.

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