Imagine you can’t read a bill that needs paying and you feel like your independence is slipping away.

That’s what life is like for so many of our blind veterans today and they need our help.

Please read about our 2022 Technology appeal below. You’ll see how you can help more of our brave veterans get back some of the independence that sight loss has snatched from them.

With your help, more of them can enjoy their lives and their homes again.

Meet Win

"I kept burning myself because I couldn't see what I was doing. Now, with training, I can cook safely."

Win, 94, is a Second World War veteran. She first served with the American Red Cross before she joined the Army's Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS). Years later, Win started to lose her sight to optic neuropathy, and with it, her independence. As her Rehabilitation Officer says, Win was merely existing, she wasn’t living.

She was also introduced to and trained in using the OrCam glasses. This amazing piece of technology scans the text that Win holds in front of her and reads it back to her in the special earpiece. Win was able to rediscover her favourite books and also read her post, her letters from loved ones, her calendar appointments, bank statements and ingredients. For Win, it felt miraculous.

"When I was given the glasses, I couldn’t believe it. I thought they were wonderful! I never would have been able to afford them myself."
Win, blind veteran
A pair of OrCam glasses cost £2,500 and your donation could go towards a pair for veterans like Win.
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Alan using OrCam glasses to read to his daughter


Meet Alan

Former Royal Navy Officer Alan was about to complete his training to become a nuclear submarine engineer when he lost his eyesight due to macular degeneration. He was 24.

"When I became a dad, part of me felt heartbroken that I couldn’t read bedtime stories to my daughter. However, the charity supplied me with special OrCam text-to-speech glasses so I no longer miss out on those special bonding moments.

"A huge thank you from me (and my little one) to our amazing supporters who made this possible."

Win and Alan didn’t think they would feel independent again, but you made it possible.

You provided the technology that made them able to adapt. If you can begin to imagine that feeling, how wonderful it was to have their precious independence back, you can understand the difference you make to blind veterans in need today.

Technology today is amazing - it just comes at a price. Let’s show the blind veterans they are not alone.