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Meet Rob

He went from being a frontline solider to totally cut off from the world he knew.

Rob came to us after losing his sight on his very first tour of Afghanistan in 2010 due to an Improvised Explosive Device. We showed him that he can use his drive and determination that he learnt as a solider to achieve more than he ever thought he could. His Rehabilitation Officer provided him with the sight loss technology and training he needed to break out and lead a new life.

We're now in a world of technology, and Blind Veterans UK has kept us up to date and put us at the forefront of accessibility.
Rob, blind veteran

We need to reach other veterans like Rob now and help provide them with the equipment they need to communicate with their loved ones.

Meet Alan

In this short clip, Alan is using an Orcam text reader to read his daughter a story. This piece of tech isn’t just there to just read out words, it’s there so we can cuddle up with our kids and enjoy a bedtime story.

A keyboard isn’t just a keyboard, it’s a way to email family, friends and comrades to stay in touch. Likewise, a text magnifier doesn’t just make text bigger, it makes it possible to lead an independent life.

Blind veteran Alan using an OrCam text reader to read his daughter a story

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