75 years since the end of World War II, we’re fighting a new battle for our veterans. Please help.

COVID-19 is forcing 90% of our veterans into isolation.

We are on the frontline of their welfare, delivering food parcels, cleaning products, toiletries, medication, calling them, checking on them, lifting their spirits and giving them whatever emotional and practical help they need.


Jim's battle

Wing Commander Jim Wright first volunteered for flying duties in 1941 when he was just 20. He trained as a navigator and flew in 43 daring raids. But Jim’s bravery never wavered.

Now in his nineties, Jim battles age-related macular degeneration. Over time, he not only lost his sight, but so many of the things that gave his life purpose.

Suddenly he couldn’t drive anymore, then he couldn’t manage his emails. It was devastating for a military man like Jim, but we showed him how to overcome the challenges of sight loss and gave him a new sense of purpose. At 98 years-old, Jim is one of our most vulnerable veterans.

Please help us keep him safe. Will you donate today to help a blind veteran like Jim combat isolation?

Craig's fight

As well as fighting for our older veterans, it’s vital that we support our younger veterans during these uncertain times.

Blind Veterans UK first met Craig he was 21. Craig was hit by two rocket propelled grenades while searching for Iraqi insurgents.

Craig pulled through, but was left blinded for life. Craig credits his first visit to one of our specialist rehabilitation centres with kick-starting his recovery.

Craig remembers, “On that day, I met World War II veterans who’d worked, raised families and lived their entire lives, without the help of talking computers and all the sight loss technology we have today, and I thought what excuse have I got not to live mine?” That moment was the start of the most inspirational recovery.

Our rehabilitation team worked with Craig and retaught him many life skills. The training we gave him to use a cane became his first steps towards walking the Great Wall of China, running marathons, and so much more.

Like so many of our younger veterans, Craig has come so far and we can’t allow the outbreak of COVID-19 to set him back. Will you donate to help transform and rebuild the lives of our blind veterans?