During six dark, destructive years of conflict, thousands of servicemen were blinded. They couldn’t see the glorious sun that rose on VE day, signalling a peaceful new dawn. But Blind Veterans UK, then St Dunstan’s, was there to help them rebuild their lives.

Exactly seventy five years later, we’re fighting a new battle for our World War II heroes and all our older blind veterans – over 90% of them are over 70. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the enemy this time. Once again, we’re on the frontline of their welfare.

Their sacrifice knew no bounds and neither does our support.

Wing Commander Jim Wright first volunteered for flying duties in 1941 when he was just 20. He trained as a navigator and flew in 43 daring raids. During his fifth mission, his aircraft was caught in searchlights above Kassel in Germany and attacked by three night fighters. But Jim’s bravery never wavered. Let’s be forever grateful because the heroic actions of Jim and the entire bomber aircrew were essential to hasten the end of the war and gain victory. Your donation to our VE 75 appeal can help Jim to win.

Help us to our victory for our blind veterans.

Having to self-isolate, our older beneficiaries need our help with daily tasks, such as: shopping, medication and emotional support through this difficult time. For this reason we are temporarily changing our service model to provide essential, practical support to the most vulnerable.

We are primarily delivering an outreach service on the telephone as well as a practical support service to blind veterans, due to the social distancing restrictions currently in place, but we will also use those calls to identify those with the greatest need.

Your donation today could help us stay on the frontline for blind veterans who so desperately need our help.

They served their country then. They need your support now.