Alan makes a cream cheese bagel with a cup of tea

Meet blind veteran Alan Lock

Alan Lock is a former Royal Navy Engineering Officer who lost much of his sight in his early twenties due to a rare genetic condition. Blind Veterans UK has supported him in several ways since he was forced to leave the military in 2005. This support has included mobility training, practical living adaptations and IT training. The IT instruction Alan has received has allowed him to leverage accessibility technology such as screen reading software, magnifiers and text to speech cameras, and this has allowed him to develop a new career in business. Alan has previously worked for BT, HSBC and has started his own company.

The charity has also been instrumental in allowing Alan to pursue his love of sports in spite of his sight loss, such that he regularly runs the London Marathon, can ski with a guide and holds two world records for endurance challenges. Blind Veterans UK has supplied Alan with a running machine and helped him secure running guides for his marathons and Invictus Games trials.

He says "I can’t thank the charity enough” said Alan. “Its incredibly humbling and reassuring to know that my family and I have this wonderful organisation to help me lead an independent and fulfilling life."

Alan explains step by step how make a cream cheese bagel with a cup of tea


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