This Christmas like many, our blind veterans will be sheltering, trying to protect themselves this winter as the virus continues to cause havoc. But they still need the technology so that the vital rehabilitation training can continue and so Blind Veterans UK can help them cope with the isolation they will be facing.


Their sacrifice knew no bounds and neither does your support.

Blind veterans like Chris are grateful for every single Christmas they get to spend with their family. His life changed in a split second and could have so easily ended when he was caught in a rocket attack in Afghanistan. The impact fractured my skull, causing severe brain injuries. He could no longer see out of his right eye and lost the peripheral vision in his left. He is a different man today to the fit young boy who joined the King’s Royal Hussars, and his life has many challenges.

He started to get back on track after my first visit to a Blind Veterans UK centre, where I was given specialist equipment, training and crucially – the chance to meet other blind veterans. Meeting other ex-Service men and women who had also lost their sight helped me turn a corner. I began to believe I could have a good life.

Could you give a gift to truly change a blind veteran’s Christmas and provide them with the kit they urgently need?
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“Anyone who supports Blind Veterans UK is supporting veterans like me and all those others out there who they haven’t found yet. The friendliest group of people are here waiting to help them.”
Mike, blind veteran

Please help serve blind veterans this Christmas, just as we have served you.

Christmas is a time when we usually get together a lot. There are normally carol concerts, local Christmas dinners, festive gatherings and trips to pantomimes. These festivities mean everything to the older veterans, including World War Two veterans like Mike, who was featured in the Remembrance Day Kit Bag appeal.

But Christmas this year will be like no other, but you can change that. Your donation will help provide the kit they need to enjoy all the Christmas celebrations that Blind Veterans UK are arranging via video chats and social groups virtually. It could also enable them to see their loved ones on Christmas Day, if they can’t be with them in person.

This Christmas, will you provide a blind veteran with the kit they need in daily life as the pandemic continues?
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Thank you for your support