"It was a rocket attack in Afghanistan that hit the wall that I was leaning against"

Chris had multiple skull fractures, brain injuries and irreparable damage to his eyes – leaving him blinded

Regaining independence

After losing his sight Chris struggled with a loss of independence, but that started to change when he was put in touch with Blind Veterans UK. We gave him support, training and specialist kit like a liquid level indicator which helped him make a cup of tea for himself again. These simple first steps were the start of him rebuilding his life.   

Chris' newfound confidence enabled him to cook meals for his family and enjoy playing in the park with his children. Equipment such as a long cane, a specially adapted computer and even a liquid level indicator, which helps Chris make a cup of tea, have supported his road to independence. 

Veterans like Chris can lead full and independent lives - with your continued support we can help more blind veterans across the UK.

We are currently supporting 4,700 veterans like Chris, this is only 10% of the blind veterans across the UK we could be helping if we had the resources. Please donate so that we can reach them. It all starts with a cup of tea.
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From every £1 raised is spent on charitable activities, while only 13p is spent on raising the next pound. *2017-2018

Special thanks to The Phone COOP

As the UK’s only Co-operative telecoms provider we’re excited to support Blind Veterans UK. Our CEO Nick Thompson proudly served in the military, he’s 2444 Vintage and he understands the multitude of challenges facing veterans, as he has lived with them himself.