The Great Strait Raft Run

A raft run like no other, held annually on the majestic waters of the Menai Straits.

Date: Sunday 26 May

Location: Port Felinheli, Menai Strait, Gwynedd, North Wales

Registration fee: £50 per team (3-11 people per team)

Minimum sponsorship: £500 per team

Blind Veterans UK has 9 raft spaces up for grabs in this exciting event!

Teams are challenged to put their engineering and craftsman (craftswomen too please!) skills to the test to make a raft of their own design. You will then launch your creation at the old slate port of Felinheli and race your competitors (including a raft constructed and manned by a team of our own staff and veterans) to Menai Bridge.

Taking in the sights of the Snowdon mountain range, Anglesey mainland and iconic landmarks such as the Plas Newydd, Britannia and Menai Bridges – all while navigating the notorious and occasionally demanding Swellies.

This event is a great way to spend time with friends, colleagues and is perfect for groups such as cadets looking for challenges that allow the opportunity for team building while fundraising for Blind Veterans UK.

For enquiries please contact

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions before signing up for this event.

Terms and Conditions (view as PDF)

It is important that you read and understand the T&Cs before signing up to this event.  If you have any questions please contact

A full list of rules and information produced by Menai Raft Run Committee is listed below. Amendments have been made where applicable by Blind Veterans UK for their Raft entrants.

The rules and definitions are to assist your planning. 

  1. Rafts must be sat upon, not in (canoe/dinghy type construction will not be accepted);
  2. Each raft must carry a minimum of 3 persons and a maximum of 11;
  3. Each person must provide and wear personal buoyancy aid/lifejacket at all times on the water. Blind Veterans UK may be able to assist you in sourcing this item if you are fundraising for Blind Veterans UK. Please contact a member of the fundraising team as soon as possible;
  4. The raft may have any number of hulls;
  5. The hulls must not be commercially manufactured;
  6. The Raft must have inherent buoyancy e.g. if waves fill up the raft it must still float
  7. Entries will be divided into the following CLASSES (All classes are muscle powered and/or sail assisted)
    • a) Time Chaser Trophy 
    • b) Best of the Rest Trophy
    • c) Junior Class
    • d) Ladies Class
    • e) Pub Class
    • f) Judges Choice Trophy picked from class a, b, c & d [Best Effort in the judges opinion]
    • g) Tail End Duck Trophy
    • g) Best Endeavour Trophy
    • i) Fancy Dress Trophy
    • j) Entertainment Value Trophy
    • k) Elim Trophy - Raft raising the most Money
  8. Junior entrants [class c] must be over 14 years of age and under 18 years on the 19th of May 2019 (One adult must accompany each junior raft);
  9. All participants in class a, b, d and e must be over 14 years of age on the 19th of  May 2019;
  10. All crew members must carry a paddle plus 1 spare per raft (single blade paddles are only permitted); entrants must provide their own paddles.  Blind Veterans UK may be able to assist you in sourcing this item if you are fundraising for Blind Veterans UK.  Please contact a member of the fundraising team as soon as possible;
  11. All rafts must be equipped with a 5metre tow rope securely attached to a strong point at the front of the raft
  12. So spectators can see who’s who, each raft must have its entry number clearly painted and displayed on both sides of the raft, on a board 12” x 24” high, mounted on a pole. [possibly a broom stick];
  13. The approach to the start area is by means of narrow streets. HGVs and articulated vehicles will not be allowed. All vehicles & trailers should approach by way of Ffordd Caernarfon & Rowen to Ffordd Glan y Mor, i.e. from the Caernarfon direction.
  14. Recovery of your raft, at the finish will be controlled by Marshals. To reduce congestion and to make the operation safer please follow their There will be a rope in front of Princes Pier wharf. Rafts should tie up to this rope and await instruction from the marshals regarding recovery. Recovery drivers must stay with their vehicles until their raft is ready to collect.  Please DO NOT block the slipway
  15. Any person found to be intoxicated will not be allowed to compete
  16. In the case of any damage caused to 3rd party property, it is the responsibility of each raft to be covered by insurance. All teams entering in a Blind Veterans UK raft space will be covered by Blind Veterans UK’s Public Liability.
  17. Before any one can participate the captain and crew members must sign confirmation, on form provided, that they understand and agree that they:-  
    • Have a prime duty of care to other participants, especially when on the water                   
    • Must be capable of swimming in cold water with the aid of the required buoyancy aid                             
    • Must be physically and medically fit to take part                                                                 
    • Are over 14 years or between 14 & 18 if entered in the junior class on the 25th May 2018                     
    • Must agree to behave considerately, and obey instructions from officials
  18. Have read and understood these Instructions
  19. Crews should be alongside their rafts in the start area 5 minutes before the start time
  20. All rafts should be on the shore side of the starting rope/flags until released for the start.
  21. All rafts & crew will be inspected, on the day by the Scrutineers whose decisions will be final. If in the opinion of the organisers, the raft is not seaworthy, it will be eliminated and the entry fee forfeited. 
  22. Scrutineering starts at 09.30 so please be in plenty of time to be checked before the start
  23. Start time is planned for 12.00noon. One warning gun and one start gun will be fired, one at 5 Min & one at the start. A rope/flags will indicate the start line. Marshals will be on hand to ensure that you stay behind the start rope/flags before the start. On the start gun, Marshals will drop the rope/flags to indicate the start.
  24. The finishing line will be between Princes Pier [the wharf by the slipway] a large floating DUCK marker. Also see course page
  25. Each person on every raft will be given a numbered tally band which must be handed in to the Count Marshal on Princes Pier when they have finished. THIS IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE ORGANISERS TO BE ABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR THE SAFE ARRIVAL OF EACH ENTRANT.
  26. Prize giving will be held on the Sunday at about 3.30 pm. The donation of money raised, to the local causes, will still be in September. All will be notified of the exact date and venue near the time
  27. Elim Trophy - To find the winner, the final amount you have raised for your Charity needs to be sent to the Organisers at
  28. Please note that it is a Council By-law that your raft cannot be left on or near the slipway and you will be charged for removal.
  29. In the event of cancellation of the event by the Event Organisers (Menai Raft Run Committee) or by the entrants refunds of entry fees paid to Blind Veterans UK will not be possible.


Please Do:-

  • Wear protective headgear and suitable footwear
  • Bring a change of dry clothing
  • Wear a wet suit or suitable warm clothing on the water
  • Be on time for briefings, scrutineering and starting
  • Be alert for any announcements of changes
  • Have a safe and enjoyable day

Please Don’t:-

  • Drink alcohol, before or during the run, as the cold water and drink DO NOT MIX
  • Do anything to spoil the day for others

And Be aware

  • Safety boat cover for the raft run will be provided.
  • It should be noted that the prime function of the safety boats is to look after the competitors and therefore the towing of any raft will be secondary.
  • Please think of the Marine environment when you are constructing your raft. Do not use any materials that will pollute that environment. If in doubt contact Natural Resources Wales [NRW] for any help.  Please ensure that all raft material is cleared from the slipway.