Ensure your business is accessible and attractive to the almost 2 million people who are affected by sight loss in the UK.

Visual impairment and loss of sight can happen to anyone, at any time. ​Without proper support, the affected person can lose confidence and become isolated as traveling, shopping, eating out and other everyday activities become stressful and daunting.

Our Visual Impairment Online Training Course for Business has been created to equip you, your colleagues and your business with the tools to ensure your visually impaired customers have an excellent experience.

Why does your staff need this course?

Everyday tasks such as buying a coffee, doing a supermarket shop, going to the gym or taking the bus or train can be difficult for someone with sight loss or visual impairment. This course will:

  • Build awareness and confidence to approach every customer ready to help
  • Teach your staff to ask the right questions (sight loss can be a hidden disability)
  • Help your staff deliver a first class service.
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In the UK, there are almost 2 million people living with sight loss. Of these, around 360,000 are registered as blind or partially sighted.