It doesn’t take much of your spare time to be a volunteer for Blind Veterans UK - just ask Jacque Ralph who supports us in Preston.

For a few days a month, Jacque drives our members to both the Veterans Café in the town, and the nearby Royal Air Force Association Wings Centre Lunch Club. When she’s there, she joins other volunteers in making teas and coffees, serving lunch, and keeping conversation flowing by talking to the veterans who are there.

In just a short space of time, she has improved the quality of life of the veterans that she supports, including one who was recently widowed, and who especially benefitted from her tireless efforts. By enabling these former servicemen and women to leave the four walls of their homes, Jacque has given them the opportunity to re-build their self-confidence and self-esteem, and avoid social isolation by meeting other Blind Veterans UK members.

Being flexible plays a big part in Jacque’s role, and she enjoys the fact that she can volunteer locally - escorting members to hospital appointments, helping with shopping, or simply taking them out for a ‘brew and a chat’. It means the world to them, and it’s vital to us.

Without volunteers like Jacque, we wouldn’t be able to support our veterans in living the lives they choose. We’re not asking for all of your time – just a few hours a month will make a difference to the people who need it most.