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Veteran being taught how to use an iPad

Here are just a few of our projects in need of your support.

You could pay for new blind veterans to spend a life-changing week at one of our three training centres, where they will learn all about Blind Veterans UK and what we can offer. Our week-long introduction courses give veterans crucial guidance and support as they adjust to their loss of sight and regain their personal Independence.

You could sponsor one of our regional Welfare Officers, the veterans’ key contact within the charity who give support and advice on a range of issues including care, health, finance, housing and access to training and equipment. Our Welfare Officers work together with the blind veterans to help them stay independent and enjoy their quality of life.

You could pay for specialist equipment for the vision impaired, such as text-to-speech software for the PC or portable scanners to enable a blind veteran to read their mail, the newspaper and other text. These items and many others can allow our veterans to remain independent in their own home and also offers a lifeline for those wishing to get back into employment or education.

To find out more about our projects, please call the Trusts and Foundations team on 020 7616 7996 or email us.

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