Advice and tips for those living with or caring for a person with a vision impairment


Some of our Rehabilitation Officers for the Vision Impaired (ROVIs) have pulled together some simple advice and tips that could be useful for those who are newly caring for someone with a vision impairment.

  • Understand that living with a visual impairment requires thorough communication. If needed, always introduce yourself and thoroughly explain your intentions.
  • Ask what a person with a vision impairment can do for themselves. Don’t assume that because they have impaired sight they are unable to complete tasks independently. Very often with adaptation and minimal support of the right kind, sight impaired individuals can perform tasks independently.
  • It can be handy to use a clock face to describe the positioning of belongings or food on plate.
  • Don’t fill cups to the top with hot fluids and explain exactly where drinks are placed. 
  • People with a vision impairment may keep possessions set out in a certain way in order to know where their belongings are. This helps with independence so it is important to ask before moving possessions.
  • Perception of time, space and distance maybe affected for individuals with impaired sight. Be aware of this and offer support and reassurance.