Peter King

Peter King

Name: Peter King
Date of Birth: 10 May 1947
Rank: Lance Bombardier
Regiment: Royal Artillery, 39 Missile Regiment
Joined Blind Veterans UK: 31 August 2011

Peter King joined the Royal Artillery in Dec 1962 and trained at Larkhill. He served in Germany, Libya, Denmark and Gibraltar with 39 Missile Regiment and was involved with nuclear weapons logistics. In 2011 he was diagnosed with Meningioma – a brain tumor. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor which resulted in his visual impairment, short term memory loss and the loss of movement in his left hand.

Prior to losing his sight Peter spent a great deal of time on his hobby of model making. During his Induction Week, Peter discovered a passion and talent for Mosaicking. This discover helped restore his confidence and gave him purpose.

“After my operation I felt there was nothing left in my life. At the start of my journey I had found myself, depressed, suicidal, and extremely angry. During my induction week I found I still had my artistic side. As a Blind Veteran I have been given all the training and support I need - including equipment and the conversion of my garage to a work shop - to continue my new found interests at home. I’m proud to have been able to complete many complex projects which are now used to encourage and inspire other Blind Veterans to try new skills.”

With the support of our Arts and Crafts Instructors Peter has also been able to revisit his love of model making.
When Peter’s sight deteriorated further he found some of the mosaicking processes difficult and found himself regressing. His welfare officer booked him onto further Art and Crafts Training sessions where he was encouraged to explore a new interest – Painting.
Peter has no vision at all in his right eye and only partial sight in his left. Peter describes what he now sees as shown in the picture on the right – images in light and dark block colour. All detail and definition has been lost, but can be improved with the assistance of the correct lighting and magnification devises.