Residential Care

Long-term residential social care is available to veterans at our Brighton centre. This helps members who would struggle to cope without regular support to live an active and fulfilling life in manageable surroundings.

A nurse speaking to a blind veteran

All residents have their own rooms. In order to make these feel like a home, residents can bring some small personal items (provided these meet fire safety regulations and allow staff to maintain a safe work space). Residents are of course welcome to invite friends and family to visit. Our staff are available to help with everyday living tasks, and whenever possible we escort people on walks and shopping trips.

Permanent residents (including nursing residents) can take advantage of:
- Physiotherapy when medically required
- Assisted gym sessions when consent has been obtained from the GP
- Supervised or instructed recreational activities in the craft workshop and sports like bowling, archery and swimming
- Social activities, like visits to theatres and local attractions

Where residents require assistance to attend social activities we endeavour to provide this, although we are not able to in all cases.

Short-term residential social care
We also offer short-term residential social care for veterans at our Brighton Centre. This is often an opportunity to meet other people in similar situations, to share experiences and to enjoy the activities offered at the centre. It can also provide long-term carers with a break.

If you know of a veteran with sight loss

please download an application form or apply online.

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