A series of activities delivered right to our veterans' doors, such as art and craft, gardening and painting.

With every activity, there will also be an opportunity to join group calls with other veterans who are involved with the same activity.

Collaboration in Colour: blue and purple

A project from now until midsummer to create a large collaborative art piece, using decorated 15x15cm squares and a wide range of materials. Once complete, this piece will be taken ‘on tour’ to a variety of locations. Your pack includes three wooden squares, collage materials and glue. We encourage the use of recycled materials and art materials from home.

Gardening: summer herbs

A windowsill pot with aromatic basil, chives, oregano and parsley. Enjoy watching them grow and the lovely smell of their leaves. We will also include a set of Second World War inspired recipe cards with some cooking ideas for your herbs. Your pack includes everything you need.

Tea Towel Art Project: summer flowers

A collaborative tea towel project inspired by flowers and summer colour in the garden. Send back your flower in the pre-paid envelope and it will be photographed and form part of our tea towel design. Everyone who takes part will receive a tea towel featuring your flower at the end of the project. Your pack includes collage materials to design a flower and you are welcome to use materials you have at home. 

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Woodwork: bird box

A bird box or bird feeder kit for you to assemble at home. Your pack includes our own adapted set of instructions, all the necessary softwood pieces for one bird box or feeder, wood glue, nails (for optional hammering) and a roll of masking tape to hold your creation together while you plan the construction. Access to a hammer is desirable but not crucial.

Pastels for Beginners and Improvers

Themes include cityscape skyline, on the home front, summer landscape and still life. Pastel challenges with support for beginners and those wanting to improve their skills. With your permission your work may appear as part of our online gallery. Your pack includes everything you need and you can use materials from home too. Check out the Painting for Beginners and Improvers gallery for inspiration.

Painting of three wild elephants and small cat in tall grass

Mystery Art Box Project

The Blind Veterans UK Research and Innovation team have partnered with Anglia Ruskin University’s Veterans and Families Institute, alongside our very own National Creative Project team to offer a new type of creative challenge. Veterans will receive a mystery box of art and craft materials to create a piece. Those taking part will also be asked to document their experience.

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