A series of activities delivered right to our veterans' doors, such as art and craft, gardening and painting.

New Flags of Hope

Get involved with this simple craft project creating designs on fabric flags for display in the grounds of our centres over summer. Inspired by bunting and Tibetan prayer flags, our flags of hope will fly in the wind, sending positivity into the air as your hopes and wishes are blown by the breeze out into the world. 

New Woodwork: sandbox

There are two versions of this project:

  • A small ready-made box for you to finish. Ideal for casual woodworkers with no need for tools or too much mess. The finish is as fine or as decorative as you would like to make it.
  • For the accomplished woodworker, a constructive project to assemble and finish a small box from components. Perfect if you are comfortable using the supplied wood glue and tape and enjoy more of a challenge.
Photo of wood chippings and a hand axe at Woodwork Week in Llandudno February 2018

New Wordsmiths

Have fun trying out some poetry using our suggested words as a starting point for each line. This sort of poetry is called ‘acrostics’ and if you enjoy writing or word puzzles, this is the project for you. We will send you a project pack with suggested words as a starting point and some examples of an acrostic from the creative writing team.  You are encouraged to use photos at home as a starting point for your acrostics alongside the words given. 

Writing a Will
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Collaboration in Colour: yellow and green

From now until midsummer, create a multimedia art piece inspired by patchwork quilt panels as a celebration of a new beginning, spring and summer.

Paper decorated in yellow paints with different textures

Gardening: tumbling tomatoes

Spring is here and it’s time for planting vegetables to enjoy over the summer. This quarter’s project is tiny tumbling tomatoes. Enjoy watching your plant grow, the smell of the leaves and finally, delicious and colourful fruits, all on your windowsill.

Painting for Beginners and Improvers

A painting challenge perfect for all levels, from newcomers to avid artists. With a new project every two months our veterans can sign up for one or as many as they like. Group chats with fellow veterans taking part will be available, as well as an art and craft instructor on hand to offer tips and advice.

Check out the Painting for Beginners and Improvers gallery for inspiration.

Painting of three wild elephants and small cat in tall grass
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