Marjorie has enjoyed gardening at home, as part of our National Creative Project.

98-year-old Marjorie is part of the gardening project. She was a keen gardener before the onset of arthritis in her knees and now struggles to do the bending up and down required for gardening outside which makes the hobby more difficult.

Thanks to the National Creative Project, she can continue gardening more conveniently. We posted Marjorie the bulbs, compost and pots she needed to grow hyacinths and crocuses on a windowsill.

“I planted the bulbs back in December and I’ve really enjoyed watching them grow while I’ve been stuck inside during lockdown.”
Marjorie, blind veteran
Marjorie's flowers

Maintaining a sense of independence.

Marjorie joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1941 where she worked as a filing clerk until 1945. At the age of 85, complications from cataracts surgery caused her to lose her sight which has been in steady decline ever since. She joined Blind Veterans UK in 2014 and we have supported her since.

The National Creative Project exists to get our veterans involved with activities from home. In turn, we are keeping them connected with each other and the outside world at a time when contact is limited.

"The project has shown me ways to adapt so that I can continue to do the gardening that I enjoy."
Marjorie, blind veteran