Ron has been involved with various activities, as part of the National Creative Project.

83-year-old Ron has taken part in the Tea Towel Art Project and is now enjoying Painting for Beginners and Improvers. He is also part of the painting group calls, where he and fellow veterans check in and see how each other is getting on.

We have supported Ron since 2015. He served in the Army for seven years and then lost his sight due to macular degeneration. He says that 'joining Blind Veterans UK is definitely one of the best things' that has happened to him.

Ron has visited our Brighton centre eight times and has always spent a lot of time in the art and craft room painting. He has always had an interest in it and he particularly likes painting with acrylics. After he met our art and craft instructor Dave, he would send Ron lots of painting equipment when he got home. He now has a painting studio down the bottom of his garden with a heater and a radio in there. He says 'it's perfect for winter months!'

“I was recently involved in a tea towel design project. I was sent a kit with what I needed, and the idea was to design and decorate a teacup which I then sent off to be included on a tea towel with other veterans’ creations. It was great to be part of something collaborative during lockdown.”
Ron, blind veteran
Ron's paintings

A way to keep our veterans connected.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, keeping our veterans connected with each other and the outside world has never been more important. Ron says that 'it's great to be involved in something.' 

He is 'more than pleased with how we have supported him and can't thank us enough'.

“We don’t just talk about painting. We talk about everything from gardening to how our days have been. Painting has been a great outlet for me, especially during lockdown. It’s difficult to get motivated but the different projects such as the tea towel project, have given me something to focus on”.
Ron, blind veteran