For many blind veterans, it's being able to do the simple things again which makes the big difference. 

Janet recently came to Blind Veterans UK after hearing about us on the radio. At 94 and suffering from age-related macular degeneration, she decided to reach out to our team. 

For her, one of the frustrations of losing her sight was the fact that she could no longer read her post, so she had to rely on neighbours or carers to read her private correspondence to her.

During her Introduction Week in Brighton, she was introduced to a range of equipment designed to help people with sight loss to live independently. Supported by one of our specially trained Rehabilitation Officers, Janet learned how to use different pieces of magnifier equipment.   

Janet tried out three different types, including a magnifier glass, CCTV reader and an OrCam, enabling her to pick the right one to suit her needs. 

Regaining the ability to read her own letters is a small step but an important one in her journey to regaining her independence.