Blind Veteran Carl Adamson - a head shot

Carl's story

“I was convinced I was going to die” – Former Private Carl Adamson was on active service when his Land Rover overturned, nearly taking all his sight.

Former Private Carl Adamson, who served in the Cheshire Regiment between 1995 and 2000, almost lost all of his sight in Northern Ireland, when the armoured Land Rover he and his team were driving in overturned.

Carl, who only had a week left of his tour, was thrown from the vehicle, which pinned him down and crushed his head as it tumbled to the ground. He says “No one knew I was under the Rover, so when they got out and stood on top to get out of the vehicle that actually made it worse”.

“I was convinced I was going to die. When they got me out, I could feel my head physically sinking inwards and it was very touch or go as to whether I was going to make it.”

Immediately Carl was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. However, the severe extent of his injuries left Carl almost completely blind.

Carl woke up in a hospital shortly after and realised that the accident had robbed him of most of his sight. “I could vaguely see a white light if I looked in the right direction, but my bone structure had completely changed and put pressure on my eyes.”

During the next 4 years Carl underwent many operations before being medically discharged from the Army in July 2001.

Carl first visited the Blind Veterans UK’s London clinic in February 1999. 18 years on, he’s able to read again thanks to the expert equipment and training provided by Blind Veterans UK.  “It’s been a difficult journey so far and it’s not over yet, but without Blind Veterans UK, I wouldn’t be where I am now”.

“Blind Veterans UK has shown me all the things I can do without my sight, from kayaking and archery to using a computer – even if I can’t see the screen.”

Blind Veteran Carl Adamson making Tea
Blind veteran Carl Adamson pouring a drink whilst using specialist liquid-level indicator equipment.