Blind veteran Mark Heaume with his mum

Mark's story

Mark signed up to the Army in December 1998 aged just 16. He served as a Lance Corporal in the UK and Germany working with the Challenger 2 tank as a crewman.

He was discharged eight years later when, in 2006, he discovered he had a brain tumour. His life was turned upside down. 

Mark’s mother Elizabeth who sign posted her son to our charity says: “I should have known something wasn’t right because Mark started to have headaches that would keep him up all night. At first we thought it was just a virus but then Mark became really sick. He deteriorated in front of my eyes. It was scary to watch.”

Elizabeth says: “Mark was depressed when he came out of hospital. He would get so frustrated that he couldn’t do what he used to be able to. He would just sit in the corner of his room and wouldn’t move all day.”

Mark started to receive our charity’s free services and lifelong support in May 2012.

Since Mark’s first introduction week at our Llandnudno centre, he has visited many times to learn new skills and try out different activities.

Blind veteran Mark Heaume go karting
Ready, set, go! Mark also had the chance to try out a spot of go-karting with us.

Through Blind Veterans UK Mark has had the opportunity to try abseiling, rock-climbing, kayaking and archery. 

He has also participated in our Project Gemini initiative where he’s spent time meeting fellow blind veterans from the States and South Africa.

Blind veteran Mark Heaume meeting the Surgeon General of the British Defence Medical Services at our charity’s first Research Seminar on traumatic brain injury

Through our help, Mark has achieved so much since he lost his sight. He has his confidence back.

"Before Blind Veterans UK Mark felt like he had nothing to look forward to but now his outlook has completely changed. He is back to being himself again. Words cannot express how grateful I am for their support."

Elizabeth Heaume