Ray Hazan

Ray's story

''After the blast, my world came to a grinding halt''

Blind veteran who lost his sight in a bomb blast talks about his experiences

Ray Hazan was on his second tour of duty in Northern Ireland with the Royal Anglian Regiment in 1973 when an IRA parcel bomb exploded in his hands. He was left totally blinded, and suffered severe hearing loss and lost his right hand. A fellow Officer was killed in the blast.

Ray says "After the blast, my world came to a grinding halt; the sense of loss was like a bereavement. The thought that I would never read, kick a football, or see my children (my wife was four months pregnant when it happened) was an extreme blow and I felt almost paralysed with shock. When I lost my sight I felt helpless. I was unable to do many of the everyday things I had taken for granted."

As an ex-Service man Ray was eligible for free help and support from Blind Veterans UK. Ray says "I still remember my first day at Blind Veterans UK when I heard the chatter and laughter of other veterans. The positive attitude of people I met made me realise that blindness was not so bad and that I too could go on to lead a fulfilling life just as they had."

Ray went on to join Blind Veterans UK as a member of staff in 1977, and served as President from 2004-2017. He worked in the PR and Welfare departments, and was also Editor of the charity's monthly in-house magazine Review before retiring in 2011. He was awarded an OBE in 2012 for his services to Blind Veterans UK and the blind community.