Blind Veterans UK has always been known for its pioneering spirit.  Our Founder, Sir Arthur Pearson was clear that our charity should make a difference both for blind veterans today and for humanity tomorrow.

Today our blind veteran membership covers a broad age-span and a complex set of needs arising from their vision impairment. Sight loss, at any age, is life-changing: it is both physically and mentally challenging, and causes many issues in different stages of life.

Through our research we seek to develop our understanding of the key issues relating to sight loss and wellbeing. This knowledge will be translated into action that improves the lives of blind veterans today and into the future as well as providing benefit and solutions for broader human benefit.

Our vision is to prevent or reverse the effects of sight loss.

We use knowledge to meet the immediate needs of today and future needs of tomorrow in alleviating the symptoms of visual impairment. We want to use this knowledge to help to significantly improve lives by helping people live with their visual impairment and potentially reducing, reversing or preventing visual impairment or degradation.

Our aims include:

  • Ensure correct, accurate and timely diagnosis
  • Understand the causes of sight loss and take the right action early
  • Predict and prevent avoidable and irreversible sight loss
  • Stop the effects of sight loss
  • Devise solutions for wellbeing, achieve a good state of physiological and mental health

Blind Veterans UK Research is organised in three main areas. 

“The impact of eye loss or severe eye damage plunges individuals into a world that can best be appreciated as having unremitting jet lag. I fully expect that the research we undertake with Blind Veterans UK will restore sleep/wake timing to these individuals and give them back their sense of biological time.”
Professor Russell Foster CBE, FRSB, FMedSci, FRS University of Oxford

Research and ethics advisory group

The Expert Advisory Group is comprised of the experts and Trustees of Blind Veterans UK. Its purpose is to provide advice, feedback, and monitor performance against the objectives of the Research Strategy. The Group also provide guidance on ethics and other related matters for Blind Veterans UK.

Chairman of the Group is Mr Ian Sherriff, BEM, Academic Partnership Lead for Dementia Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Plymouth.

Ian is the Dementia Lead at Plymouth University, member of the Prime Ministers Dementia Champion group, Chair of the Prime Ministers Rural Dementia Friendly Task and Finish group.

"The joint research efforts of Blind Veterans UK and Blinded Veterans Association is so important because, by bringing together vision experts and our blind veterans, we can learn lessons from each other, and influence changes to best support blind veterans in each nation.”
Tom Zampieri, President, Blinded Veterans Association in America

Evidenced based practise and policy

Our research work helps to influence and evidence our policy and campaigning work, and inform pathways to a better quality of life and the care for those living with sight loss supported by the Charity and our partner organisations.

"Keep the men informed of any new discovery in medical science or mechanisms that might be of use to them."
Sir Arthur Pearson, Blind Veterans UK Founder