Providing afternoon tea for their peers and staff at our Llandudno centre was just one of the challenges for those blind veterans who attended Food and Drink week.

When you lose your sight, it’s common to also lose your confidence in what once used to be every-day tasks. Preparing food can be one of these things. That’s one of the reasons we arrange our “Food and drink week”, a week full of food-related training and activities. This way, blind veterans come together as a group, and socialise whilst regaining confidence in the kitchen.

Last year’s group at our Llandudno centre certainly had an action filled week. With outings for afternoon tea, to the Halen Saltcote centre and to Llandudno’s own beehives there was something to experience for everyone.

One of the blind veterans in attendance was Paul Palmer, 68, formerly of the Royal Corps of Transport. Of the week, he said: “I enjoyed the week enormously. It was so well organised, and with so many varied activities it was a lot of fun.”

He recalled:

“When I first lost my sight it was very frightening. It’s hard to describe all of the things that you feel. You suddenly can’t do the things you used to be able to do and took for granted.”

In the kitchens of our Llandudno centre, the attendees cooked up a storm. They got to try their hands at making sausage rolls, peanut butter fudge, rocky road and Ferrero Rocher-style chocolates.

Thinking back on the week, Paul told us: “I love sausage rolls and haven’t made them since being blind. They are so easy. I want to make fudge with my grandchildren now, too.”

The last morning, our veterans got to show off their skills, and feed the rest of the guys in the centre with scones, cupcakes and pain au chocolates. New skills had been learnt, and confidence gained. That’s what we call a great week.

Blind veterans attending food and drink week

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