Hello, I’m Lou.

I lead the Art & Craft and National Creative Project teams that form part of our rehabilitation service. My role is about collaboration, communication and planning, coordinating teams to design, organise and deliver creative and practical activities.

For our blind veterans, this could mean joining projects from home, connecting with others through virtual chat groups, or taking part in wellbeing activities at our centres. Our veterans also receive advice, support and encouragement to adapt an activity to accommodate sight loss, or to learn a brand new skill. Every veteran is a unique individual so our support is bespoke too.

"A favourite memory was a VI painting skills week at our Brighton centre just before Covid-19. The programme was tailored to the needs and interests of eight veterans. They had fun, supported each other and surprised themselves with what was achieved. They were not afraid to try things, fail and then try again, until they found a way that was right for them. At the end of the week new friendships were made and all were keen to continue at home."
Lou, Rehab Lead Art & Craft

Often after talking to our veterans about their life before sight loss, I feel sad for what they have lost. Being able to offer support and resources through the work we do is so rewarding.

Through the work of Blind Veterans UK, veterans are taught that there is life beyond sight loss. We do everything we can to ensure that they live an independent and fulfilling life. While a lot of veterans re-learn their favourite hobbies, many veterans choose to reinvent themselves and learn new skills. That is so inspiring.

I want to help make sure that as many blind veterans as possible receive this opportunity.   

Our veterans' stories show how our support has changed lives
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