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Making cards with quilling for low vision

Published on 14 Dec 2022
3 cards made using quilled paper. one is a bauble, one is a star, and the other is a Christmas tree

Three quilled card designs

For over 100 years, art and craft has been instrumental in the rehabilitation of our blind veterans.

This holistic approach not only helps our veterans regain independence, but it is extremely beneficial for their mental wellbeing too.

What's quilling?

Quilling involves creating decorative designs using strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued.

We've adapted the technique to make it easier for those with sight loss.

Watch our how-to videos

You can learn how to start quilling too by watching the short videos below. Our art and craft team will show you what you need to get started and how to make your own Christmas card with three different designs.

Materials you need

You might have some of these items at home already.

  • Green and red quilling paper: you can make your own by cutting strips of coloured paper 5mm wide or buy it online
  • Chopsticks: a pair from your local takeaway are perfect, sellotaped together at the top
  • Glue: preferably in a stick for ease
  • Embellishments: this can include anything you like such as glitter, beads or anything shiny
  • Gift tag: just in case you want to design one of these instead of a card
  • Envelopes and blank cards: either a blank card or just a sheet of card folded will work

Basic round quill

Get started with this simple technique.

For this you will need your chopsticks, coloured paper and glue.

Four essential quilled shapes

Learn how to mix up your designs by using different shapes.

  • Circle
  • Teardrop
  • Marquise
  • Square

Bauble card

It's time to get creative.

Make a bauble card by creating a bauble shape and filling it with smaller, multi-coloured quilled shapes.

Poinsettia card

Did you know that a poinsettia is also known as the Christmas star flower?

Make a poinsettia card using quilled paper in the shape of leaves to form this festive flower.

Christmas tree card

What's more Christmassy than this?

Make a Christmas tree card using different coloured quilled paper for the tree and baubles - don't forget the topper!

Don't forget to send us photos of your finished cards on social media.

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