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Helping an elderly couple struggling to cope

Clare found out how much of a difference she could make when she started visiting housebound veteran Len. 

Len's wife, Sue, was acting as his carer, and the couple were under enormous pressure. 

A photo of blind veteran Len, left, and volunteer Claire, enjoying a chat and cake
Blind veteran Len, left, and volunteer Claire enjoying a chat and cake

Claire was introduced to the couple at an extremely difficult time, when Sue was struggling to cope with the demands of caring for Len. 

Len, who has now sadly passed away, was mainly housebound for the last few years of his life. His condition put a huge burden on the couple. 

But everything changed when Claire started volunteering as a Home Visitor in 2017. Sue said that Claire's visits changed their lives. 

“It felt like Claire was sent from heaven to help us through. The respite from Claire's visits brought some light into both of our lives when we felt so much had been taken from us. She changed our lives.”

Blind veteran's wife, speaking about volunteer Claire

Claire helped Len to the very end, and stayed friends with Sue after Len passed away. She still calls in to visit Sue at home, and their friendship remains strong. 

It doesn’t take much time to visit one of our veterans and make a difference like Claire. Even the simplest interaction can lift a veteran's day, and give them something to look forward to.

Become a Blind Veterans UK volunteer today, and see what difference you can make to someone who served their country. 

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