Composer and musician Alastair Caplin has created a piece of music inspired by our work as a charity.
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Alastair’s album Visio Nova (A New Vision) charts the journey of our blind veterans from losing their sight to experiencing new hope though their rehabilitation.

His composition, Reach Your Hand To My Shoulder, is a reflection of a veteran’s personal victory over blindness as they overcome the challenges their disability.

The album also contains a three-part piece, Visio Nova, which features our blind veteran Billy Baxter reading a version of Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If'. It’s a moving and an authentic testament to the extraordinary men and women we support as a charity.

*Over 65% of the royalties generated from downloads of this recording will be donated to Blind Veterans UK.

“One to look out for, a rising star”
Howard Goodall, Classic FM
Alastair Caplin playing the guitar
Alastair Caplin BW playing the violin
“I was struck by the bravery and comradeship that veterans possessed when confronted with their life-changing injuries.”
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