Times change. The need doesn’t.

Our pioneering spirit hasn’t changed in a hundred years. The way we help blind veterans changes every day.

Blind veteran Terry Bullingham edited into an old image

When Sir Arthur Pearson founded our charity in January 1915 to care for the blind veterans of the First World War, we were the first organisation of our kind in the world. Whilst much has changed since 1915, Sir Arthur’s pioneering spirit has been behind everything we have done as a charity – and this is all due to our kind supporters.
Whenever any blind veteran turns to us, it’s our supporter’s generosity which makes sure they’ll always receive the cutting-edge care and support, tailored to meet their individual needs.

This is certainly true of former Chief Petty Officer Terry Bullingham.

A profile shot of blind veteran Terry Bullingham during his time in service.
Former Chief Petty Officer and blind veteran Terry Bullingham

In 1982, Terry Bullingham was serving as a Chief Petty Officer on HMS Antrim during the Falklands Conflict when the ship came under attack from enemy fighters. Shrapnel from a cannon shell hit Terry in the face. He was blinded instantly, losing both eyes.

After receiving emergency treatment on the hospital ships attached to the task force, Terry was evacuated back to the UK. As soon as the doctors ashore had treated his other wounds, he came to our Brighton centre. We helped him learn to walk with a long white cane, to read and write in braille, and to take care of himself.

"There were no computers then. I did one course where I was learning from braille notes which was very challenging. Nothing was easy, but I was determined that I wouldn’t let this break me. And I wanted to help other people too."
Terry Bullingham

Thanks to his determination and his incredibly positive outlook on life, Terry has made a new life for himself since he lost his sight.

Terry has achieved so much since he lost his sight but he couldn’t do it on his own, and certainly not without the innovations that were developed with Blind Veterans UK and funded by our dedicated supporters.

Terry is an inspiration. Please give more blind veterans like him the care and support they need.

These ex-Service men and women have served their country and are battling blindness right now. But with your support we can help change a whole life, and the lives of their families, for the better. By making a gift you’ll be supporting more blind veterans like Terry Bullingham.

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