Will you help a blind veteran to pack up their troubles?

Blind veteran Simon Brown

If somebody in your life has experienced sight loss, I am sure you will understand the profound sense of loss they feel and the incredibly important role specialist equipment plays in the battle to rebuild their lives. For former Corporal in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Simon Brown, who lost his sight after being hit by a sniper’s bullet in Iraq, simple sight loss aids, like a talking watch, are life-changing.

"The very first time I met with somebody from Blind Veterans UK I was given a talking watch – and it had a huge impact. How many times do we check our watches during the day? The talking watch gave me independence – it helped me to understand that I didn’t have to let my sight loss stop me from living the life I wanted."

Today, Simon works for Blind Veterans UK. He sees it as his duty to help others who are now experiencing, as he did, the devastating loss of their sight.

"Blind Veterans UK gave me kit and support so I could begin to hope and believe in myself. They helped me to stop grieving for my sight and to concentrate on the things I could do."

Will you help provide another blind veteran like Simon with vital kit to help them pack up their troubles and live a more independent life?

What can your donation do?

With your support, a blind veteran can begin to pack up their troubles and live a fuller, more independent life.

Written in 1915 by brothers Felix and George Powell, Pack Up Your Troubles became a popular marching song with British troops in both the First and Second World Wars.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
and smile, smile, smile
When you've a Lucifer to light your fag,
smile boys that's the style
What's the use in worrying, it never was
worthwhile, so
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
and smile, smile, smile.