Sighted Guide Lake Side Stroll

Join us for a morning walk with a difference – fresh air, beautiful scenery, good company, hot chocolate and... blindfolds!

Llanberis - Lake Padarn

Date: Saturday 10 March 2018, 10am – 12noon
Location: Lake Padarn, Llanberis
Registration: £8 per pair
Minimum sponsorship: £25

Whether it’s an amble to the local shop or something more ambitious like participation in our 100K walking challenges our veterans and all visually impaired individuals face the same challenges each time they leave their front door – navigating safely in a sighted world. 

Changes on a familiar route, shared spaces (vehicles and pedestrians), rough terrain, changes to light levels are some of the things that might mean an individual with a visual impairment might appreciate a helping hand.

Would you be confident to assist?

Join us for a walk with a difference. Starting from the main Padarn Lake Railway Station, you will walk 8km around Padarn Lake following the railway tracks and public footpaths. Working with your partner you will undertake sections of the route under blindfold or while wearing simi specs, following instruction in sighted guide techniques. This walk will give you an opportunity to gain valuable experiences from both sides of the blindfold.

Registered participants will be provided a warming hot chocolate or tea at Caffi Caban.

Registration closes 5 March 2018.

Family and friends (human and furry) are welcome to join you on this walk in exchange for a donation on the day of the event.

We ask that you arrive between 9:30-9:45am so we can set off promptly. Parking is available at the start point. Local charges apply.

For more information contact / 01492 868723.

Just because a person has a white cane or a guide dog, it doesn’t mean they are totally blind. Many people may have some useful vision but they might welcome help at times in an unfamiliar place or at night time.

We hope that taking part in this event will give you the confidence to offer assistance to someone and to do so safely.

Get a head start on your understanding by watching this RNIB video.