Everest Ladder Challenge

Serving personnel are taking on the challenge of matching the height of Everest, by climbing ladders attached to an open top bus!

Date: Saturday 17 February
Location: Brighton Town Centre
Venue: To be confirmed

Described as the 'highest mountain in the world' with an impressive height of 8848m (5.5 miles), Mount Everest has proven a difficult challenge for many experienced climbers over the years.

Serving soldiers from 1 Royal School of Military Engineering (1 RSME), Professional Engineering Wing (PEW) and Clerk of Works are all taking on the arduous challenge set by our fundraising department.

They're tasked with climbing the height of Everest on two four meter ladders, up the side of an open top bus!

This challenge will see the two teams compete to reach the summit of 'Everest' with each individual completing 277 climbs. This will be a strength sapping challenge, test of team work and pure stamina. 

The team members

Team oneTeam two
WO2 Tonking (Tonks)
Sgt Bunn (Sticky)
Sgt Comer (Lee)
Sgt Davidson (Ste)
Sgt Obiri-Yeboa (Obi)
Sgt Soper (Dave)
Sgt Cox (Coxy)
Sgt Paija (PJ)
Sgt Smith (Smudge)
WO2 Martin (Nelly)
Sgt Hammerton
Sgt Digney (Diggers)
Sgt Gould (Gold)
Sgt Green (Greeny)
Sgt Lacey (Rob)
Sgt Tikosainai
Sgt Watson (Baz)
Sgt Volavola (V)

You can support them by clicking our donate button or by visiting their Just Giving page.

We will be holding a bucket collection during the event, so we would appreciate any help you can offer.  Please contact Rachel on 01273 391455 or email rachel.chitty@blindveterans.org.uk if you can volunteer for a couple of hours on the day.