Meet Volunteer Callum

After finishing school Callum was looking for a job and decided to get some experience first. He came to volunteer with us and enjoyed the experience so much that he has been with us ever since.

Callum says one of the best parts of volunteering has been learning new communication skills, and he now has the confidence to approach and talk to people who are vision-impaired or deaf. Volunteering with us has also opened him up to new opportunities, such as taking part in events including our 100k London to Brighton walk. Callum says:

"I wouldn’t have thought to do it without volunteering at Blind Veterans UK first."

He now works as a self-employed gardener, and volunteers each Monday night as a home visitor. Callum’s favourite moment with the charity so far has been accompanying our blind veterans to Buckingham Palace. He says:

"it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and really good day."

If you are interested in volunteering for Blind Veterans UK, get in touch at