Meet Volunteer Lindy

Lindy started volunteering for us in 2012 when she became one of our beneficiaries.

Lindy on the far left at Remembrance

After joining the charity she got involved with volunteering almost immediately. She says: "when you have a passion for something it changes your life, and you want to share it with everyone else. That’s why I began attending different events to advocate for the charity and speak about the support I’ve received since losing my sight.”

Lindy served in the WRNS and lost her sight later in life due to diabetes. Since she began volunteering, Lindy has helped spread awareness of our work both in her local community and further afield.

"I love volunteering with Blind Veterans UK because it has allowed me to meet so many different and fascinating people."

In fact, Lindy feels so strongly about our work that she has come up with her own great ways of raising the charity’s profile with people we could support. Such as leaving copies of our magazine, the Review, in her local GP surgery. She says: “Sometimes they’re gone by the time I get out of my appointment, which I see as a very good sign.”

If you are interested in volunteering for Blind Veterans UK, get in touch at