Meet Volunteer Maggie

After retiring, Maggie wanted to keep her brain active and give something back to her local community.

After working at an East Sussex prison for 11 years, Maggie decided to retire. She wanted to keep her brain active and at the same time give something back to the local community, so she came to volunteer with us and fell in love with the charity. Maggie says: 

"At Blind Veterans UK they don’t treat you like a volunteer, they treat you like one of their own. You’re one of the family – I love it."

Maggie says volunteering with us has opening up a whole world of opportunities and new experiences. For instance, she is now wheelchair-trained and able to transport our blind veterans safely on trips around our rehabilitation centre and further afield. Maggie’s favourite moment of volunteering with us was a trip to Westminster Abbey. She says:

"The stories the blind veterans were telling us and the memories that they had were totally amazing. When we walked into Westminster Abbey I could see the statues of the men who’d fallen in the war and the statues of the blind men following each other. It was an incredible experience."

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