Meet Volunteer Robin

Robin is no stranger to volunteering, but he maintains that being able to witness the support offered by our charity has been highly enriching.

Robin now regularly takes our blind veterans to museums and exhibitions, something he very much enjoys. He says:

"I’ve been volunteering for some time now, it’s always enjoyable but accompanying the blind veterans on trips out has especially made a big impression on me. The support Blind Veterans UK provides is truly wonderful and I proud to be a part of it."

Whilst out on day trips Robin reads the display information out loud, so the veterans get a chance to understand and learn about new things.

"I’m already familiar with lots of the places we visit because I go so often, but the interest and gratitude which the veterans show means I always have an enjoyable time and a thoroughly rewarding experience!"

If you are interested in volunteering for Blind Veterans UK, get in touch at