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Our Centres of Wellbeing

We have two Centres of Wellbeing - the Llandudno Centre in North Wales and our Rustington Centre on the south coast.

Our centres play a key role to support our blind veterans. For many, the first steps through the doors of our centres are our blind veterans first steps to rebuilding their lives after sight loss.

Wellbeing breaks

Our wellbeing breaks run all year round and aim to support our blind veterans in their journeys toward independence and out of isolation. For many its an opportunity to meet other blind veterans with similar interests and find comradery with fellow veterans.

Many of these weeks focus on a particular interest such as nature, history or art. We also run themed seasonal breaks at Christmas time and Easter.

For those seeking a taste of adventure, we have fantastic activity weeks. These typically involve sports and outdoor pursuits and are accessible to all abilities and needs. There is something for everyone.

Welcome weeks

The charity encourages new blind veterans to attend a ‘welcome week’ so they can meet our staff and connect with other veterans. These invaluable weeks can be attended at one of our Centres, in their local area or even remotely, depending on the individual veteran's needs. 

The benefit of staying at one of our Centres for the week is that it's such an effective way to try out new activities and spend time with our wellbeing specialists who help with low vision assessments, mobility, sleep, wellbeing, physical fitness and much more.   

The outside of our Llandudno centre and the path leading up to it
The outside of the Rustington centre of Wellbeing

Our Llandudno centre (left) and our new Rustington centre (right).

Centre facilities

Each centre has outdoor terraces, a fully equipped gym, a sports and activity hall, an arts and crafts workshop, communal lounges and a bar. Both centres offer a huge range of social, creative, leisure and sporting activities. Staff at our centres help our blind veterans with their fitness, mobility and wellbeing.

Upcoming wellbeing breaks
Two blind veterans woodworking, with a wooden cabin in the background
Two blind veterans woodworking at our wood cabin
A photo of a blind veteran cooking at the Llandudno centre
A blind veteran cooking at the Llandudno centre
Blind veteran Stan practicing boxing on an anti-gravity treadmill.
Sports & Wellbeing Practitioner, Rhian, left, working with blind veteran, Stan, on the anti-gravity treadmill

Accessible for all blind veterans

The centres are designed with blind veterans at their heart. Making sure they meet the needs of all who use. There are safe pathways, access to local amenities; with hand rails around the internal and surrounding grounds.  

“The activities were wonderfully organised, and I left feeling a new-found confidence. I also loved how the week helped reawaken some of my more meditative and contemplative thoughts which can easily slip in the usual daily routine.”
A blind veteran talking after his Welcome Week

Support at our centres

Our blind veterans all have very different needs. So we offer different services depending on the needs of the individual.

Residential stays

Our care staff are trained to care for people with sight loss who also have additional needs. They have all the medical knowledge you'd expect, plus the patience and kindness you want. We provide support such as:

  • Assistance getting in and out of bed
  • Assistance with personal hygiene, such as bathing, washing, and skin and nail care
  • Help dressing and undressing
  • Assistance in taking medication and administering eye drops

Nursing stays

Our Centre nurses are trained to care for people with sight loss who also have additional complex medical conditions. Alongside their nursing qualifications, they're compassionate and committed. We provide support such as:

  • Administering medication by injection, such as insulin
  • Managing and helping with chronic wounds
  • Unstable, long-term chronic conditions such as lung and heart disease and diabetes
  • Providing oxygen

If you are blind veteran  and have any questions or concerns, please contact the hospitality team at the centres or your Community Support Worker. They will be happy to talk to you about your stay.

The difference our centres make


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Careers at our Rustington centre

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